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[ale] [systemd] Boot speed

On Saturday, February 17, 2018 09:23:52 AM Damon L. Chesser via Ale wrote:
> As a professional, I am not.  Like the man said, if you need uptime, you
> designed it wrong.  As a "hobbyist", "enthusiast", or just plain user, I
> also don't care about uptime.  go ahead. Reboot your home box.  Even
> shut it down when you are not using it and save a few hundred dollars a
> year.
> > 
> > <mailto:ale at ale.org>> wrote:
> >     
> >     I don't see boot speed as a game changer for systemd, even if it is a
> >     lot faster. If you're booting your desktop then you're probably
> >     already used to "push the power button, hit the head, grab some
> >     coffee" routine. If you system isn't up by then maybe there's an
> >     issue.

What's all this "shut down a computer" nonsense? Mine only shuts off in the 
rare even the power goes off longer than my UPS stays up.

Joey Kelly
Minister of the Gospel and Linux Consultant