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[ale] for all you systemd haters...

On Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:00:16 -0500
DJ-Pfulio via Ale <ale at ale.org> wrote:

> On 02/16/2018 04:31 PM, Solomon Peachy via Ale wrote:
> > The average joe wouldn't have noticed any outward difference beyond 
> > faster boot times, <snip>  
> Exactly when will that happen?
> My systems used to boot in 15-25 seconds, usually just under 20s.
> $ systemd-analyze
> Startup finished in 26.383s (kernel) + 13.483s (userspace) = 39.866s
> On systems with static IPs, networking.service takes over 20
> seconds!!! Huh?
> I keep hearing systemd makes booting faster and I suppose it does for
> people with 150 LUNs, but not here.

I personally made a 2 second boot systemd system while writing my
Manjaro Experiments

The best I ever did with runit was about 6 to 8 seconds. However, from
what I read on mailing lists, real systemd systems that do real things
take between 30 seconds and a minute: Similarly practical runit systems
take roughly the same amount of time. I haven't used sysvinit for years,
but as I remember it might have taken even longer than systemd and runit
when used on a practical system.

On any of these systems, if you're very knowledgeable about your init,
you can substantially speed up the boot by parallelizing and/or timing
stuff,  and by making sure something like broken reverse dns doesn't
give you timeouts.