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[ale] SB 315 Computer Intrusion Bill Update

(Please go here if you need the background on SB 315:

Electronic Frontiers Georgia went back to the State Capitol on Thursday
and actually spoke to the author of the bill.  He was quite agitated on
the subject of the bill, but we appreciate that he actually came out to
talk to us, and came back after going in for a floor vote.  The
conversation relaxed once we changed the subject.  Clearly he has been
receiving negative feedback on the bill.

On Monday Feb. 12, SB 315 is scheduled for a vote on the floor of the
Senate.  We have every reason to believe it will pass, but we are hoping
for amendments to be proposed from the floor, or even a "floor fight"
which would help generate public attention for the many edge cases that
are not properly handled by the overly broad language in the bill.

We could really use some C-level help (CEO etc.) from any of the
information security companies in the Atlanta area.  If you work in
information security and could ask your management to bring the weight
of their company to come out against the bill as written, that would
really help.  It's too late for the Senate vote, but we need to focus on
the committee meeting that will have to occur in the House.

The Revolution WILL be televised!!  Senate proceedings start on Monday
at 10:00 a.m. EST.  All proceedings are streamed on the Livestream
platform.  On Monday 10am, go to:


...or search for "GA Sen Chamber" as an "Account" (NOT "Event") in the
Livestream app.