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[ale] Small Clusters for VMs

On 10/28/2016 04:43 PM, DJ-Pfulio wrote:

> From the comments, it appears is that
> a) nobody has used sheepdog in their environment (it isn't new).

Not me, sorry.

> b) nobody is interested in cluster VMs on a small scale.

Watching with interest.

> c) nobody is interested in using small scale systems as redundant Linux storage
> for qemu VMs - someone did make a way to mount it outside a VM.
>      or

I use LVM on MD raid to make LVs for guests in non-cluster environments,
managed by libvirt & virt-manager.  kpartx can instantiate guest
partitions to mount in the host if I need to.

> d) everyone is busy enjoying fall and has more important things on their plates
> today!  Which I can understand.

The Accountant.  Pretty good -- especially for those of us perilously
close to the Asperger's depicted.

Also, despite the interest, none of the above are *urgent*, so watching
you blaze a trail Works For Me. (TM)  (-: