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[ale] Bash vs Perl

I'm not sure I know a lot of Ruby either, but the logic is the same.
Calling sub-programs is expensive in terms of minute measurements. Overall,
if you fork 25 time in one day, what's the actual impact? If you fork 2500
times a second for several hours straight, then you probably want a
compiled language.

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> My unsolicited opinion, based off using Ruby, is that if the cost of a
> fork is critical use C or Go. Otherwise, "a difference that makes no
> difference is no difference".
> I don't know Ruby, but I'm sure you can text processing without executing
> awk, cut, sed, tr, and their other friends.   I'm talking about the expense
> when you need to do processing that would require call those programs.
> The annoyances of those friends is the subject of another day. :)
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