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[ale] Xen Server adding a virtual disk to a VM

Ah ha, very interesting. I was vaguely aware of GPT but I've never used parted before just now. I know GPT is (generally) needed for disks larger than 2TB, but should I use it all the time now, even for virtual disks inside a Xen VM? 

For that matter, if I'm creating a virtual disk to give to a VM, is there any reason to partition it with anything? I've been creating one partition and then creating the filesystem in the partition. I just create separate virtual disks for what I would have used partitions for in the past--so for example the main OS is on one virtual disk, /opt is on another, and each disk has one partition. I saw a btrfs tutorial yesterday where they were just using the whole unpartitioned disk, and it made me wonder why I was should partitionVM disks, other than habit. 

On GPT / 2TB drive limits, how can you tell if the hardware & BIOS will support GPT and/or drives larger than 2TB? 

The lsblk looks very cool, ty DJ! 


p.s. I just learned that fdisk was patched in June 2012, for v2.3.1, to support GPT! Of course, that's of little use to me since CentOS 7 still has 2.23.7 as the latest available version. 

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fdisk doesn't handle GPT partitions. 
Use parted instead. 


are handy too. 
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