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[ale] Life on the Other Side

+1 for Open Camera.   It also allows selection of external microphones
(where the OEM camera app with my Android does not).

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 1:40 PM, Alex Carver <agcarver+ale at acarver.net>

> You need a better app that knows how to read the accelerometer.  I use
> Open Camera on my Android.  It knows how to make the photo stay upright
> no matter which way you hold the phone.
> On 2016-10-10 10:38, Charles Shapiro wrote:
> > And every fscking camera app I have ever seen is RIGHT HANDED.  When
> taking a
> > picture with the phone horizontal, I have to consciously remember to
> turn the
> > phone around so the software button is on the RH side, or my pictures
> will be
> > upside-down on your monitor. Argh!!
> >
> > -- CHS
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