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[ale] Fedora 25

I was running Wayland on and off on 24 and had a few stability and
rendering oddities here and there. Since updating to 25 (dnf
system-upgrade is really magic), I've been in Wayland full time. I've
yet to experience any stability issues. I noticed some minor artifacting
while watching an HD Youtube stream in full screen the other week but it
was no more than some minor static(?) which could also have just as
easily been the stream itself, I haven't seen it again since. It could
also be my imagination, but battery life seems better since the upgrade.
I'm seeing north of 9 hours under normal use with the screen brightness
at 50% on my X220.

Overall, 25 has been a really good release so far. Dnf system-upgrade
has been wonderful. I first used it going from 23 -> 24 and now I'm on
the same install going from 24 -> 25. I'm interested to see how long I
can keep that going.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 05:33:27PM -0500, Jim Kinney wrote:
> For those so inclined, it's available for download RIGHT FREAKING NOW!
> Go! Now!
> I did an upgrade from 24 -> 25. It was totally automagic. I have the
> Broadcom wireless that doesn't ship with Fedora but is supported with
> rpmfusion. I had to boot a second time after the initial one to have
> the akmod process insert the module into the boot process but it all
> just worked.
> Kernel 4.8.8
> So far it all works as it did before the upgrade. I've not tested
> Wayland yet. Will play with that on something other then the main daily
> tool.
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