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[ale] [Fwd: Advertising on ale.org] - OT MS vs Apple vs Linux/UNIX

It's got to be better than having systemd foistered on us by RedHat.

On September 8, 2015 2:35:52 PM EDT, Bob Toxen <transam at VerySecureLinux.com> wrote:
>NO M$ advertising under pain of being drawn and quartered!
>On Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 02:56:16PM +0000, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
>> According to the RedHat folks M$ has become a kinder, gentler
>behemoth since Balmer left.
>> Personally I???m more concerned about all the people that  use
>proprietary Apple hardware and software that don???t seem to notice the
>incongruity of championing them over M$ while still lauding OSS.
>> Back before M$ created NT with the stated intention of replacing UNIX
>I was always more a fan of M$ over Apple because at least with M$ OS
>you got a choice of hardware.   Funny thing is they never did kill UNIX
>but did kill Netware.   (Linux oddly enough seems to be doing more to
>kill UNIX but that???s more of an evolution than a replacement to me.)
>> These days I have Windows laptops and servers, Linux desktops and
>servers,  an Apple iPad (a gift ??? I don???t pay Apple for anything
>because to me their proprietary nature is still an evil) and an Android
>phone.   One good thing about competition is they all keep innovating
>to try to stay ahead of the game.
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>Jim Kinney
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>> I don't like the idea of dues for ALE.
>> Corp sponsorship will have a corp message. If EFF wants to buy a
>round of drinks, I'm ok with that. Ditto for Redhat, Suse, Cannonical,
>and some others. If Microsoft wanted to buy a round of drinks and talk
>about opening up closed software, that would be interesting and a bit
>> On Aug 7, 2015 8:51 AM, "Beddingfield, Allen"
><allen at ua.edu<mailto:allen at ua.edu>> wrote:
>> Since recruiting membership is getting harder for Linux user groups,
>I think charging dues may be counter-productive.  I can???t really
>think of any Linux group (that I have been associated with) doing this.
>> As for corporate sponsors, Red Hat (and SUSE) would want to skew
>everything toward their distro for sure???
>> Just my $0.02 worth???
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