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[ale] Suntrust replaces 100 veteran techs with outsourced staff

Being employed by SunTust and being one of those effected: it is not devs. It is all app support and integration Engineers.? Further, you are not required to work for free for two years.? You *could* read it that way, but, hey, its a bank. They may need to ask you about $foo. Answer them and move on.? It's for legal and regulatory issues you may be involved with. It still sucks, but it is not as sukworthy as that article implies.? Further Suntrust has been completely transparent in the entire matter going back 18 months.? None of this is a surprise, in fact, most of the people can be cut lose and nobody would notice. Not quite the same as cutting an entire team, but there was a lot of dead weight and walking dead. Still is. Sadly, I am effected and I can honestly say very few (one other) person has had the impact on the org that I have had, but number crunchers don't see that.
Move on and get a pay raise. It's been fun.? SunTrust, as a bank actually CARES about the customer and the employee. At the end of the day, its a job.
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>I need to save that article for all the good ideas it has.....
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>>I'm sure by now, most people have heard that Suntrust (time to find a new bank) is laying off 100 developers, having them train their overseas replacements and requiring that they be available, FOR FREE, over the next 2 years if required.
>>The Register has a good writeup:
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