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[ale] Is there a system to encourage using styles?

so a DIY WordPerfect? :-)
I still want a "reveal codes" option on every word processor I've used
since WP.  <sigh>
5-10-05 at 15:53 -0400, Jason van Gumster wrote:
> Tom Freeman <tfreeman at intel.digichem.net> wrote:
> <<snip>>
> > Last two/three months I've started going down that path myself. The
> > rate 
> > limiting step seems to be convincing fingers and eyes that styles
> > are 
> > sufficiently important. Well, that and the minor detail that most 
> > employers I get involved with specify MS Office <retch>
> Hotkeys help. For example, in LibreOffice, I love having Ctrl+[Number
> key] for
> setting Header styles (1 through 6, respectively). In fact, if I'm
> forced to
> work in MS Word, those are some of the first hotkeys that I set.
> Shortcuts like
> that are great for keeping styles in mind, but sufficiently
> unobtrusive in
> terms of applying them.
>   -Jason
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