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[ale] Comcast Business service

I've got business class. Pretty happy with it.

The device provided has 4 network ports. I have a single static IP. The
unit itself has a static IP on the same subnet.

I don't care what the gizmo does as I control everything behind it. My
firewall, my servers, etc. Mine is old enough that it predates the wifi
units. If you get one of those, you get get them to turn it off or wrap the
antenna in grounded metal foil.
On Jun 13, 2015 12:14 AM, "Jeremy T. Bouse" <jeremy.bouse at undergrid.net>

> Hey ALEers,
>     I'm looking to move my residential class service to business class
> so I can get static IP and host a server or three from here without the
> inbound port blockages. Curious of anyone who has their business class
> service currently/recently as my existing modem is listed on their
> device info as approved for the business level service I'm looking at
> and I'll have a Cisco ASA sitting behind it to terminate as the modem
> just bridges. I was just informed that they can't provide me static IP
> addresses if I provide my own equipment, which as an IT professional I
> find questionable but okay. Looking to see what equipment they provide
> to see if it's better than my own equipment and also reports of whether
> anyone has been able to manage their provided equipment themselves (ie-
> I don't want a device on my network I can't manage, especially if it's
> providing firewall and routing capabilities).
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