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[ale] Alternative builds of Firefox besides Iceweasel?

I have become increasingly annoyed with Mozilla's stance on what
browsers should and should not do for their users. I understand their
points but I don't want MY browser forcing my plugins to be signed (I
have several plugins I prefer to build from source). I don't want MY
browser rejected bad SSL if it's SHA-1 and I don't want MY browser
preventing me from running things like Java when it's not up to date. I
miss the days when my browser did what I told it to do and didn't try to
protect me from the bad out there </s>. Sometimes I just want my browser to
expect me to know that I've got things configured a certain way and that
I want them to work like that rather than assuming certain things are
misconfigurations. An example of this is a KVM switch we have at the office
that requires a terribly old version of Java to use the web console and
uses an old SHA-1 certificate. I have a Firefox installation specifically
configured to use this page which has the self signed certificate trusted
and the right version of Java. But I can't use it anymore because the
certificate is SHA-1 and Firefox won't run the insecure version of Java.

There have got to be some alternative builds of Firefox out there
created by people in similar situations. If not, then are there other
browser options out there which will "just work" (tm) like the Firefox
of old?

Ted Wood <ted-lists at xy0.org>
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