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[ale] Anyone out here using PowerDNS?

What is your configuration like? For example, I have a "master" and a
couple "slave" systems. When a change is made on the master system it sends
out a notification to the slaves that they need to pickup the update. My
slave systems, according to my logs, are checking in with the master
systems every so often to verify their data. Since no changes have
occurred, they report "Domain 'example.com' is fresh..." and do not
initiate an AXFR.

It took me a while to wrap my head around how to configure the PDNS
master/slave setup. But here's a short rundown:

Master Server
1) pdns.conf has `master=yes`, `disable-axfr=no`, and `allow-axfr-ips=...`
2) zones to be replicated to slaves must have "master" in their "type"
column in the database (assuming you're using the manual's schema)

Slave Server
1) pdns.conf has `slave=yes`
2) the "supermasters" table must include a record for the supermaster
server. e.g. ip_col = 'ip.address.of.master', nameserver_col = 'local
server fqdn', account_col = 'whatever'

Here's a special note from my internal wiki: "each zone in the "domains"
table on the slave systems has an entry in its "master" column with the
value set to the IP address of the master server. This is set automatically
on the initial transfer. If you change the configuration of the master,
remember to update this column."

Which is to say, if you change the IP address of the master server then you
need to remember to update your slave tables.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 11:28 AM, Scott Bragg <walkingbear at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a couple of questions on how PowerDNS authoritative servers pull
> zones from a PostgreSQL backend.   Is it normal for them to do a full zone
> transfer every X minutes when the SOA TTL is set to X, even if the serial
> for that zone hasn't changed?
> Scott
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