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[ale] Semi-OT, Windows as VM guest

I don't think win7 is available for sale firsthand anymore. Check eBay. 

I use libvirtd and KVM. Install the KVM and Spice additions in Windows, gives you the ability to use virtio drivers for disk and network, which is much faster than the emulated hardware.

If you then keep all details of the VM the same, it should be portable between systems. 

Recommend a dedicated VM host for windows systems, and that way they are all in the same space on the network. 

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> On Nov 27, 2014, at 4:47 PM, Ken Cochran <kwc at shell.TheWorld.com> wrote:
> Semi-OT, so off-list reply ok & I'll try to summarize back.
> Hey ALErs & Happy Thanksgiving!
> I have a few applications that *require* Windows & won't run in
> an emulator (a la Wine/CrossOver, believe me, we've tried).  They
> should run fine in a VM though.
> Questions:
> What is the "best" (or recommended version(s)) of Windows to run
> as a guest/hosted in a VM?  Looks like my choices are 7 Pro or
> 8.1 Pro.  I'm thinking 7Pro - everyone else I've talked with
> *hates* 8; thought I might ask here.
> Should it be the OEM DVD or is this something I can/should
> download & make into a USB/flashdrive install?
> Does MS maintain the download images with service packs and/or patches?
> Can I "migrate" a Windows VM to a different machine, as needed?
> If I download it, how do I go about getting proper/valid/legal
> license key(s)?
> As usual, pointers to FAQs, docs, FMs to RT are quite welcome.  :)
> -kc
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