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[ale] xfs vs. ext4

ext4 never gained momentum.  Red Hat made it the default in 6.x, and then dropped it in favor of XFS in 7.x
As has already been pointed out, XFS can't be shrunk.  However, it is mature, scalable, and stable.  I've been using it as the default FS on all of our servers for 7-8 years.  (We are mostly a SLES shop).
I'm just now starting to do some testing with BtrFS, but we don't have it in production yet.  I was on the SLES 12 beta team, so got plenty of lead time to experiment with it...
Allen B.

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I have notices that both openSUSE and CentOS 7 have move away from ext4 as the default filesystem to XFS, any reason why?

What does XFS give that ext4 doesn't?

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