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[ale] Where to buy an SSL Certificate?

We pay GoDaddy for the one certificate that customers actually use, then use StartCom free for all the other internal type ones, like our web mail server, vpn, etc. One thing to note about StartCom: while they are accepted by the major browsers, they're not by Oracle's Java. So if you're going to have, say, web services on a host that might need to be accessed by an external server somewhere for some b2b thing, and they're using Java--they'll either have to jump through some minor hoops or you'll need a more mainstream cert for that. 

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On 26.02.2014 17:45, Preston wrote: 
> With the wide range of prices and companies selling, who do you 
> suggest? I will be needing to get wildcard sub-domain for several 
> websites. 
> Thanks, 
> Preston 

I personally use StartCom (http://cert.startcom.org/) for my SSL 
certificates. I pay the $60/year for my individual identity verification 
and then the $60/year per organization to be able to generate as many 
certificates as I need in a year with 2 year expiration. They're already 
in the authorized root certificate of every major modern browser so they 
work perfectly and you don't fall victim to the SSL certificate price 
gouging of paying for each certificate when they purpose is to verify 
the identity of the organization not the certificate. 
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