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[ale] ASUS RT series routers

Anyone with an ASUS RT series router? I have the RT-N66U and received 
and email today from ASUS_US at edm.asus.com, which I did not recognize as 
having received any prior emails from that particular address. The edm 
part concerns me the most. The email claims to a Customer Care Notice 
with a link (Click Here  button) to download firmware. With all that's 
been going on I just want to be sure that this is legite as the site I 
wind up at is somewhat different from what I had been to just after 2/14 
for an update back then.


The above is the link copied from the email I received. Again just 
checking, possibly just being overly paranoid, but just not sure. Also I 
seem to be having problems accessing their site from my old (worked fine 
last time I downloaded) bookmarks.

Scott C.