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[ale] android question

I use the Astro File manager for such duties. It has an embedded text
viewer for text files.

Another good tool is NoteEverything. It let's you jot down text and audio
notes for later review.


On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 07:28:43PM -0500, Sean Kilpatrick wrote:
>    I have an andriod tablet -- with a slot for a micro-SD card,
>    which adds another 32 gigs of storage. That's nice.
>    I have put on that SD card a text file containing login data for a
>    number of sites I might want to access while traveling: campground
>    reservation sites, Netflix, etc.
>    But I can't figure out how to read the file on the tablet. What app do
>    I need to do that? Any clues?
>    I also have music and videos on the card, but I have apps to display
>    those. It's the simple text file that has be buffaloed.
>    I could just print out the data and stuff it in my wallet, but that
>    seems to defeat the purpose of the whole electronic schticht.
>    Sean

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