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[ale] Build perl modules during perl build

I've got a question in regards to building extra perl modules.  When I 
build for a target I typically do this.

1.  build perl src and install into a temp directory called 
2.  Symlink /opt/perl to /tmp/perl.<UUID>/opt/perl
3.  Cd into each extra module src and execute this:

/opt/perl/bin/perl Makefile.pl install

What this means is that I have to have a symlink on the development 
machine in /opt before I can begin building modules.
Is there a way I can add each module src to the perl src tree and have 
it built in step #1?

For one of these trees I have 131 modules.

I do not want to use cpan each time because all this src will be in SVN 
and have to be the same version.

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