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[ale] non-technical Linux question

On 02/17/2014 08:44 AM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> SCO "Linux"?   I've never heard of that one.  I did work on SCO Xenix and SCO UNIX back in the early 90s.
> I had been working with various UNIX systems starting in the mid 80s (I'd been doing DOS before that and did Novell Netware) but they were all adjuncts to my full time job in accounting (early on computers were the responsibility of accounting departments mainly because they were first adopters of PCs for spreadsheets).   In 91 I got my first full time IT job doing various UNIX (anyone here ever heard of Astrix from NEC [NOT the PBX FOSS of today]?) flavors.    About 95-96 I changed jobs and although the main job was HP-UX many of us got Caldera Linux desktops.   That was pretty cool as it contained WABI from Sun so could run the Windows 3.1.1 crud the corporation used, rather seamlessly.   WINE was not a good alternative in those days.   Most of what I've done since then has been with various RedHat/CentOS/Fedora versions though I have also played with Debian on PA-RISC just to see it work.   I've also worked with other FOSS stuff like FreeBSD.
> SunOS/Solaris
> Dynix
> SCO Xenix
> SCO UNIX (and later Open Desktop - originally TCP/IP and X-Windows were separate add-ons that most installs didn't bother to buy)
> Novell UnixWare
Novell also sold Unixware to SCO:

I worked on AT&T Unix and we also had Unixware platforms for our IVR group..

Paul Cartwright
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