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[ale] ssh brute-force

My experience is that changing the port reduces the random  attempts to 
near zero. But if someone specifically targets you, it doesn't help.

Hackersprobably aren't doing port scans of your server. They are 
probably scanning your network for machines with port 22 open.

On 02/16/14 13:20, Edward Holcroft wrote:
> All,
> I have a server that I had to open to the world for ssh. It's getting a
> lot of brute-force hits, although I've managed to bring it down to an
> "acceptable" level by using a suitable level of paranoia in denyhosts.
> Obviously I'd rather not have these hits at all.
> I often hear the suggestion made that I should be using a non-standard
> port for ssh to reduce such attacks. I wonder though what the real value
> of this would be, since would a portscan not reveal the open port to
> would-be hackers anyway?
> I've heard it said that unwanted ssh hits have been reduced to zero by
> changing the port from 22 to something else. Of course I can test the
> hypothesis by simply changing the port, but I'd like to hear some
> opinions on this question before doing so.
> ed
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