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[ale] non-technical Linux question

I got started in 1997, at that time I was on Mac OS, and Mac OS 8 came
out and sucked, I didn't want to go WIndows 95. At my part time job at
Avana Communication we were using BSDi, with Afterstep. I liked how it
felt and the easy of use, so a buddy of my took me that he would help
me install Linux. So I drove to Microcenter on Power Ferry (Back then,
the only MicroCenter), picked up Slackware 96 book that has a CD to
install it. We go it and running and I had configure XDM to have a
custom image and has just install WindowMaker, got the book setup to
be my router as I got an ISDN line. It worked for about six months
until I when to update X and WindowMaker and destroy everything.

I move to Red Hat 4.2 after that, really loved it because it came with
Real Player, and I could listen to Internet Radio shows, I really
loved it because that was a radio show from Japan, which helped me
keep my Japanese up, and it played really good Jazz. When I bought Red
Hat 5.0 as saw that Real Player was gone, I was a bit heart broken.
The same buddy that helped with the Slackware install told me about
SuSE, that it have everything on 8 CD for $35. So again I drove
Microcenter bought that and FreeBSD 4.2. It took me a while to install
SuSE 5.3 because it came with druid, thank God that is gone, but once
I got it up and running, well I been there ever since.

Thru the years I have played with other distro, the only other Red Hat
Base distro I like and bought, was Turbo Linux. I really like their
config tools, was sad to see they are only in Japan now. I got to beta
test their first server edition because I had called up to see when
next release was coming out, at that time they were in SF.

There more, but I won't bore you. Last 17 years has been fun, a lot of
changes in Linux. I am glad that my hobby is my career, because I
truly love working with Linux. One of the reason I join openSUSE so
that I could give back. I am not a programmer, but I can help in other


On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 11:20 AM, Sergio Chaves <sergio.chaves at gmail.com> wrote:
> I signed up for a CNET class at Clayton State University back in 1999.
> During open house I met the professor (I cannot recall his name), coolest
> guy ever. He took me to his office and showed me a preview of what we were
> going to study - Redhat Linux 6. It was love at first sight. Setting up "X'
> was great on my Dell Lattitude C800 with 250Meg RAM and 1.5 gig HD - today
> happily running Puppy Linux retro Long Term Precise and giving me a lot of
> laughs when it opens web pages faster then my kids and friend's plagued M$W7
> modern laptops :-)
> Although installed, the use of GUI tools was very limited; CLI tools only
> for most of the classes. There was no way out now, I was hooked to this
> "Linux thing".
> Signed up next semester and met professor Byron Jeff (use to contribute here
> a lot in the past). First day of class and he takes a motherboard full of
> cables inside a shoebox and connects it to the class projector. After
> everybody picked up their jaws from the floor :-) , we had at it. It was
> awesome.
> Shortly after, Winter 2003, I got a job on a Linux/Open Source only company.
> All ACER servers running SCO Linux with PROGRESS Database 6 installed.
> Servers were maxed out at 1GIG RAM and 6 x 9GIG HDs. Installed Applixware
> Office Suite and Star Office Suite (better but heavier). Installed VMWare
> 1.0 and was amazed with the "magic" of virtualization. Messed around with
> Corel Linux (I liked it a lot, still do not understand why it did not take
> off).
> Oh, and then Ximian came along and I was able to sync my Sony Clie and Palm
> IIIe after many hours of messing around with the plugins.
> <SadAlmostCryingWithTearsInHisFaceNow>
> Those were really good times... I learned a lot then.
> </SadAlmostCryingWithTearsInHisFaceNow>
> Sergio
> On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 2:27 PM, Reese Johnson <rtfmjohnson at comcast.net>
> wrote:
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>> Got started with Linux around 2003 after seeing screenshots of old
>> GNOME and KDE, from online friends. I would try and emulate the way
>> they looked on our familys computer with http://www.litestep.net/ (I
>> got pretty close) was nice they had a plugin that let you choose
>> explorer.exe or lightstep on boot. Real handy because I did not have
>> to edit boot.ini after I got off the machine.
>> Around this time I seen a computer out in the street by my neighbors
>> mailbox and trashcan. This was my chance to enter this new interesting
>> world! I promptly asked why it was in the street. Was told that it was
>> broke and that I could have it. I had no idea how to fix it so I just
>> switched every setting in the BIOS.finally it booted and I installed
>> Redhat 9 that I purchased from Office Depot much cheaper than Windows
>> 2000. I was able to compile the kernel for support for my soundcard
>> and modem. I found eskimo.com gave away free trails and used a few of
>> them. Prior to this a friend and me failed installing Redhat on his
>> 486 because we did not read the manual. I still have the old K62 and
>> the RH9 cd's and manuals, don't think I'll ever part with them.
>> Stay safe if you are around the ice and snow.
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