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[ale] [ANNC] ALE-NW @ SPSU MTG. for Thurs., Feb 13, 7:30pm

RE: Linux ETC BBB conference hosting

Spoke to Crawford, our Linux ETC contact, just the other day
addressing another topic and we side lined into the issue of
our BBB conferencing status.

We never really explored their offering due to the technical
complexities and logistics required to properly and interactively
broadcast (aka stream) our meetings -- really a lot of equipment,
setup time and work that would have primarily fallen on me to
make happen every month.  I rarely even get around to editing
and packaging the talks I record as it is.

If the Big Blue Button service provided recording support for the
stream it MIGHT have seemed more worthwhile.  As it stands,
Crawfird says that the main BBB development fork is stagnant,
it only runs on Ubuntu 10.04 and really isn't worth their time and
effort to support any more.

He recommended a commercially developed service using a fork
of BBB called Meeting Burner...
...but the free version still doesn't have recording and the
front end equipment and setup issues are still a sticking point.

in peace

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 5:39 PM, JD <jdp at algoloma.com> wrote:
> On 02/12/2014 04:32 PM, Chuck Payne wrote:
>> Won't it be awesome if we could use Google Hangout to have meetings
>> when the weather is like it is today.
> I am personally a google-hater ... too much centralized data for my tastes.
> Linux-ETC did offer BBB-based conferencing a few years ago for ALE. Don't know
> if they are still offering it or if someone would like to setup a server.
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