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[ale] non-technical Linux question

On 02/11/2014 05:08 PM, Boris Borisov wrote:
> Around the same time I've tried Minix on old 286 Pc at home.
1991.  I had been given a pile of floppies with Minix on them and was 
looking at a Minix news group when someone mentioned Linux.  I then 
jumped over to the Linux news group and discovered that a fellow named 
H. J. Liu had generated a pair of floppies, a root floppy and a boot 
floppy that would boot version 0.12 of the kernel.  There was a small 
set of utilities on the root floppy but to get more you had to compile 
them.  I had a 386sx-16 with a 30 Mb hard drive and 8 Mb of ram.  I was 
impressed.  I had been using Unix at work for a while and was 
intrigued.  Sometime later Debian and Bruce Perens came along so I 
started using Debian.  I still have a gold cdrom that Bruce burned and