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[ale] Get mad at this

On 02/05/2014 05:16 PM, Chris Fowler wrote:
> On 02/05/2014 05:03 PM, Pete Hardie wrote:
>> I knew a guy who tried to write Pascal in C like that
> :)
> I'm doing a RPi presentation tomorrow night so I wanted to add a 
> reboot/halt button to my
> digital radio hotspot.  I'm running a LED on the GPIO to let me know 
> when the RPi can "see" the Internet and that I wrote in Perl.  The 
> button examples were in Python and lacking time I just went with it.  
> I've done Python in the past and it has not been that hard to pick 
> up.  I'm lucking up that I'm reading pages on the Internet that say if 
> you did this in X you do it in Python this way.
> Since many of the examples for GPIO control are done in Python I'm 
> going to show that code in the presentation.  Honestly, RPi.GPIO is so 
> much cleaner looking than Device::BCM2835.  Since one program manages 
> reboot/halt and another manages the user notification I'm may just 
> consolidate the two into a python one. The perl one uses threads.  One 
> thread does a ping to the outside and sets a value.  The other watches 
> a log file to see if the radio is linked to a system.  If it is linked 
> we get a flashing LED.  If it is just connected to the Internet we get 
> solid LED. If no connection the light goes out.
> The RPi GPIO is nice, but I prefer doing stuff like this on the 
> Arduino platform.
There is a wiring library for the Pi. 

It works well.

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