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[ale] Linux Server Basics Trainer requested by CNN

On 02/05/2014 05:44 PM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> The AUUG meeting this past Monday had a presentation by CCCi staffing 
> and they indicated there is a very high demand for admins these days.
> They suggested that if you?ve not been doing admin as your full time 
> job that you can emphasize the things you have been doing that are 
> admin type things on your resume.
> They also suggested that we greybeards often expect too much money for 
> jobs as compared to younger folks. An interesting observation they 
> made was that it doesn?t really matter what you?ve been doing for 
> 20-30 years when the technology in use now is only a few years old so 
> someone that has been doing it for 5 years has as much relevant 
> experience in the ?current? technology as we do.

Blaspheme! get the pitch forks!

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> *Jim Kinney
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> I almost never see entry level admin jobs posted on any of the places 
> I haunt. Of the few that said entry level in the text, the breadth of 
> exposure was far beyond entry level.
> Not sure how anyone will move up and replace the gray beards when they 
> all transcend to the retired plane.
> On Feb 5, 2014 5:21 PM, "William Bagwell" <rb211 at tds.net 
> <mailto:rb211 at tds.net>> wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 February 2014, Adrya Stembridge wrote:
> > Where are these junior level positions advertised? When I see job
> > related postings for linux admins, almost always it is for a senior 
> level
> > position. As someone who is interested in shifting into a junior level
> > admin role, this has been a little disheartening.
> Not on ALE-jobs. Have been subscribed since 2004 and out of over 800 
> postings
> have applied exactly once. Two possibly three more that I might have 
> applied
> for had they been closer.
> Entry level admin in the Kennasaw area posted October 19 2010. Wonder 
> who got
> it?
> --
> William
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