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[ale] What do I need to bridge two networks?

On 02/02/2014 03:00 PM, Jim Lynch wrote:
> I'm working in a lab that has a single wifi connection to the 
> outside.  I don't have any control over the installed router.  I have 
> a separate router that I use to connect come of my systems together 
> but would like to be able to bridge the two routers somehow.  I don't 
> have physical access to the installed router so I'd have to bridge a 
> wifi to my router somehow.  It's difficult to attempt to put my 
> systems (some of them) on the installed router.
> What's the minimum that that I'd need to make this happen, if it's 
> even possible?  The router I have is a Cisco/Linksys of some variety.  
> I forget the model number but it is several years old. It's running 
> the stock Cisco software.

You can get it at Fry's in Duluth.

You put it in bridge mode and connect Ethernet from it to port 1 on your 
Cisco.   I'm using one now to bridge a temporary segment in my dining 
room as I decommission a server that needs to go.