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[ale] OT: Comcast Wi-Fi

Comcast announced this wifi network about a year ago.  Their intent is to allow
any comcast customer to have access to hot-spots, tracked by their normal login.
 Sorta like how many OTA networks now require a paid TV subscription to access
their internet shows.  It is an added service for all their paying customers and
can be convenient.  AT&T has had something like this for about a decade, they
just did it at B&N stores, Starbucks, McDs, ...

I haven't had residential Comcast service for years, but they were good about
putting those things into their "Terms of Service" agreements. You've already
agreed to it by continuing to use the service, I'm certain. I would be surprised
if a call into the help desk couldn't get your device removed from this plan.  A
few years ago, comcast started intercepting DNS queries. 1 call fixed that for
me ... er ... after breaking things for a few days forced me to call in.

Pretty much any cable modem you place on their network will be controlled by
them. If you don't like that, get over it.  The same applies to DSL too.  The
best we can do it treat their equipment like someone elses' equipment and put a
strong pfSense router just inside it.  Don't trust any commercial routers and
definitely DO NOT TRUST the firmware shipped with any router, doesn't matter who
made it. The most trusted vendors seem to be just as likely to have back doors.

On 04/28/2014 12:21 AM, Steve Nicholas wrote:
> I have Comcast and have a wireless network.  My same status has not changed. 
> Will let you know if things change. Have you pinged Comcast about it? I would,
> just to make sure THEY did it not not someone else.  If they did, please post
> their response..  If not, you may have some security issues.  If the latter is
> true, don't panic initially.  Let the list do some forensics to see what might
> be going on.  Have dealt with hackers, and if this is the case, patience is a
> virtue.  Let us know. But don't do info sensitive transactions on said box.
> On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Boris Borisov <bugyatl at gmail.com
> <mailto:bugyatl at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Yesterday I've noticed Comcast silently enabled additional wireless network
>     on my cable router named "xfinitywifi". I didn't get the reason behind the
>     idea but is open with web based login. Someone else with same issue.