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[ale] OT: Multi-core Utilization

The go language is supposed to be good for parallel processing but I don't know exactly how it works.


Jeff Hubbs <jhubbslist at att.net> wrote:

>My *practical* experience has a hole in it when it comes to developing 
>software to efficiently use multiple cores in a machine.
>If I'm writing code in the likes of C++, Python, or Fortran 
>(acknowledging that I've got a range of programming paradigms there)
>let's say that I'm subtracting two 2-D arrays of floating point numbers
>from one another element-wise, how is it that the operation gets blown 
>across multiple CPU cores in an efficient way, if at all?  Bear in mind
>that if this is done in Fortran, it's done in a pair of nested do-loops
>so unless the compiler is really smart, that becomes a serial
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