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[ale] OT - semi Thunderbird question

I've always used the, what I'm going to call, preview feature of 
Thunderbird.  It used to be when I'd hover over a link in an email, the 
actual link would appear in the lower left of the frame.  It's stopped 
somewhere along the line.  I know the system has updated Tbird recently 
and I installed an extension, however I disabled the extension and it 
didn't help, but still have set a config somewhere during installation.

It's really valuable for detecting phishing.  When the text says, 
https://citibank.com and the link at the bottom says 
http://stealfromciti.rumplstiltskin.ru I know to avoid it.  Now I have 
to right click on the link, copy it to the clipboard and look at the 
clipboard, which is really inconvenient.

Ubuntu 10.04, Tbird 17.0.5.