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[ale] Way OT - Gardening

So, this is about as far off topic as one can stray, but I thought I would throw it out here for an afternoon diversion on this pretty spring day (at least it is a pretty spring day over here in Alabama :) )
Are any of you into gardening? If so, what do you plant, and what have you already gotten in the ground for this season?
I start most of my tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc... from seed, and I have them up and almost ready to set out.  I've been tilling during the brief periods when it has not been raining/too wet from rain, and I haven't been at work.
I'm hoping to get the first round of tomatoes in the ground in the upcoming week, along with squash, corn, green beans, cucumbers, and lima beans.
I start from seed and set out fresh batches of tomatoes at about 2-3 week intervals through August, giving me fresh tomatoes through Fall, so I have lots of tomato plants in various stages of growth.
Lots of work, but I love my fresh vegetables almost as much as I love growing them :)
Allen B.

Allen Beddingfield
Systems Engineer
The University of Alabama