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[ale] Micro Center Rocks

LinuxGnome <lnxgnome at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 04/22/13 10:58 AM, Jim Kinney wrote:
>> Note on Microcenter: They specialize in the desktop, home user,
>hobyist equipment. All decent gear and decent prices. Don't bother
>looking for  a dual or quad proc board :-) Those are server-class and
>they don't deal with that stuff.
>> Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. Many
>staff tinker with Linux at home. They are plnety OK witl booting
>laptops from a live CD to test it out under Linux.
>> They may be willing to add a sticker to a laptop sign telling what
>Linux distro and version it works perfect under. (hint!)
>> Every time I've bought a system from them for office desktop, one of
>the managers comes out and thanks me personally.
>Their selection is somewhat limited, I'd agree.
>Things that keep me going back to them are:
>   a good return policy;
>   price matching;
>   I can get it now;
>and last but not least, there is one not too far from my home, and
>another one not too far from my office.
>When in Rome,

Hi all

I was at Micro Center today and have a few more things to report.

1) While not micro center specific, a GPS can help you with driving distance.  I'm in Cumming and I was going to Duluth.  My standard tactic is to go east on highway 20 (Buford hgy) and go south on 985 then 85 to pleasant hill then west to micro center.  That's about 40 miles.  On the way back, I let the GPS make the decisions.  That did involve lots more traffic lights and speed zones, but it was 25 miles.  Time wise, probably about the same, but it would have probably saved fuel if I'd gone there that way.  Obviously, rush hour kills all such advantages.

2) I had to make a return.  Once I got to the counter, it was totally painless.  Probably took 2 minutes, and much of that was me signing the credit card gadget.  If they already have your identity on file, you don't need a receipt.

3) I asked a sales rep in the components department for a usb wifi device for linux.   He immediately knew what product to recommend and helped me find it.  Again, under 2 minutes.  This one mentions Linux on the package, so using for that purpose is not just hearsay.  It's an Asus wifi-n 150 Mbps device, but I don't have the part number in front of me.

4) I probably could have saved $ 200 on the system build I did recently by going to micro center, but I didn't know that at the time.
* 1 TB 7200 rpm hdd's for $ 60 (although I used one from my junk drawer)
* DVD R/W drives for $ 16 (not a common brand)
* 1000 W corsair power supply on sale for $ 130 ( I don't know if it was on sale before.)
Oh well, live and learn.

5) Most of the things I've bought from them recently had a rebate.  Actually, I don't like rebates.  I'd rather them just give me the discount.  However, if I spend the time to submit them, I will get some money back, which I do like.




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