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[ale] Career Change

A couple weeks ago I asked about IEEE and ACM membership. Having spent the
time reading the notes and going over benefits and such the main decision
seems to be "join several but especially the IEEE" to get the discount for
the CSDA/CSDP learning stuff.

I'd like to take my career towards systems programming. Or so I think at
the moment. Since my programming skills don't qualify me for much I'm
working on those. Given my poor showing so far in the Coursera courses I'm
not sure school speed learning is for me.

My work life has covered 8-10 successful career changes, more than that in
job changes, and another half dozen or so experiments that didn't quite
work out.

Since I'm searching for data to base my decisions on I may ping you for
thoughts on programming as a career. If you do or have done a lot of
programming and are an encouraging sort, please hit me off-line. If anyone
wants my career change methodology let me know. It make make a useful blog
post if I can keep people awake.

Mind on a Mission <http://leamhall.blogspot.com/>
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