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[ale] [OT] gaming issues

Would have to agree that it raises some questions. I agree that getting 
kids outside, or in real martial arts, or camping, or basically in 
"reality" and connecting with other real people is the prime solution to 
a lot of social issues.

No one needs to study violence connected to video games; what do you 
think business marketing is? The question is how to keep people, kids 
and adults, from disassociating so much that they act out.


On 04/10/2013 05:42 PM, Sean Kilpatrick wrote:
> Now that games are being ported to Linux, I assume that FPS will be in
> the mix. With that in mind, would anyone with teenaged children be
> willing to comment on this unpublished blog (it was refused by the
> Huffington Post):
> http://tinyurl.com/c38dfg4
> This is an oped piece wirtten by a teacher who was once a troubled teen
> who packed to school. And got expelled.
> Sean