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[ale] [OT] (but computer and cryptography related) Bitcoin, Litecoin

Hi Jeremy,

That's really cool.  Good info to know.  I put a big bookmark in firefox 
for them.  I don't think they trade Litecoins though.  If you're 
involved in this stuff, I'd like to know more about what your doing, to 
the extent that you're willing to share, either publicly or privately.  
If you're mining, I'd like to know about your rig and how you set it 
up.  I don't have my Mint based station working yet, and might need some 
help with setup.  I'm using cgminer to mine Litecoins.  I know that can 
be run on Linux but haven't figured out the details.

Also, what's the best way to keep up on the industry?  I guess there is 
a Bitcoin magazine, but I think it costs around $ 100 per year.



On 4/8/2013 1:15 PM, Jeremy T. Bouse wrote:
> Ron,
> That is exactly why I use CampBX as my Bitcoin exchange rather than 
> MtGox which has already been hacked. CampBX is based here in Atlanta 
> and they have implemented many of the financial sector level policies 
> and procedures to ensure their integrity. In fact with the recent 
> 0.7-0.8 fork they shut down trading to keep a potential major issue a 
> forked block chain could cause.
> On 08.04.2013 10:18, Ron Frazier (ALE) wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> That's an interesting article.  I have noticed a trend of these type
>> of sites getting attacked.  I guess that whenever you put anything
>> valuable on a public website, the vipers start attacking it.  There
>> are probably many motives for attacking these type of sites, anywhere
>> from blackmail to competition among players to outright stealing.
>> Bitcoins are prohibitively expensive to mine at this point so my
>> interest is in Litecoins.  Many of the same concepts apply.  I think a
>> lot of the people that are on the service provider side of this are
>> pioneer types, programmers and engineers that are enthusiastic about
>> just getting things to work.  They're putting services up there and
>> changing them at a rapid pace.  But, they not be the best at security.
>> The industry is young and many sites are going through some growing
>> pains.  Of course, if you're being DDOSed by a botnet of 100,000 pc's,
>> that's hard to deal with in any case.  I'm afraid that some of the
>> sites are going to have to learn that some of the rules, procedures,
>> and audits that the traditional financial world has in place are a
>> good thing after all.  I'm trying not to expose any coins I may have
>> on a public website for any period of time.
>> Sincerely,
>> Ron
>> On 4/6/2013 8:39 PM, Michael Nolan wrote:
>>> http://thehackernews.com/2013/04/bitcoins-wallet-service-instawallet.html 
>>> "The digital currency Bitcoin has suffered yet another hack. Bitcoin 
>>> wallet site Instawallet has been taken offline after a security 
>>> compromise, has suspended its service indefinitely."


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