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[ale] Suggested software for Linux host running Windows in a VM

On 4/2/13 3:18 PM, Brandon Wood wrote:
> All,
>   Looking to run Linux (Fedora 18) on the laptop and move an existing 
> windows install (yes, yes, I suck, it sucks, I know, lets move on) in 
> to a virtual machine.
> Currently doing so using VirtualBox but I was wondering if anyone 
> suggests other VM software to use instead.
Depending on your needs you might want to consider either KVM or VMware

The main advantage of either over VirtualBox is that they support nested 
virtualization which VirtualBox developers have chosen not to implement

The other benefit of KVM over VMware / VirtualBox is that its integrated 
in the kernel and doesn't require a 3rd party binary kernel driver. In 
addition to support implications, that can sometimes means better 
behavior with suspend, etc on laptops. Also, you're on Fedora so will 
have the latest releases of KVM and associated GUIs out of the box...

The primary benefit of VMware or VirtualBox over KVM is either have more 
advanced GUI tools