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[ale] [OT]Non-ISP Email services

I've hosted my own mail for over ten years. I can't conceive of letting anyone else host it.
Of course a big part of my income derives from implementing and supporting mail systems for other organizations, so my efficiencies for doing this are probably a lot better than someone doing a one-off account for themselves.

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>>> "Michael B. Trausch" <mbt at naunetcorp.com> 04/02/13 11:44 AM >>>
On 04/02/2013 11:33 AM, Ron Frazier (ALE) wrote:
> Buy a domain name at 1and1.com and pay for their email only service.
> It's about $ 15 / year if I recall.  Then, you mail can come to your
> own domain.  It's a good idea (in my opinion) to pay something for
> such service.  In terms of customer service and maintenance, you get
> what you pay for.  $ 1.25 / month doesn't get you much in that
> regard, but with millions of customers, they have more funds to
> manage the data center and provide some help to needy customers.  Try
> to get some help from gmail for a problem.  Also, having your own
> domain name lends more credibility, which may be useful in some
> cases.  The domain name costs about $ 8 / year.

Everyone, just remember:

 * If your mail hosting is outsourced, the Government can read it
   without a warrant after 180 days.

 * If your email hosting is in-house, on your own equipment, the
   government must always obtain a warrant to read messages stored on
   the system.

If you want to ensure that your messages cannot be read without a
warrant and therefore mandatory service upon yourself or your business,
you should ensure that (a) you use an email service that purges all
messages no later than 180 days after receipt, or (b) host the mail
yourself, in-house.

    --- Mike

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