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[ale] [OT]Non-ISP Email services

On 04/01/2013 05:44 PM, Justin W Elam wrote:
> Why not support SDF.org instead?
> For a few euros, pounds, or dollars you can get www, ftp, gopher, email,
> SshFs, ssh shell, and webmail for the rest of your life.
> Check it out at http://www.sdf.org

I have been a member there for a very long time.

Unfortunately, in recent years, smj has been less, err, attentive.  My
password was forcibly reset by the system some time ago, and I reset it
after that, paying a donation to do so, and then I forgot it again.

Paid another donation requesting a reset, and never heard back on it.
*shrugs*  One of the few places that I haven't uploaded keys to, so I'm
more-or-less permanently locked out of my account there.  Not a huge
pain, as I didn't use it a great deal, but I did like having service there.

	--- Mike

Michael B. Trausch, President
Naunet Corporation

Telephone: (678) 287-0693 x130
Toll-free: (888) 494-5810 x130
FAX: (678) 287-0693

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