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[ale] [OT] GaTech Mini Maker Faire, Oct. 6th!

I know we have a lot of "makers" on the list, and even more
who are fans of the the maker community, so I wanted to
share a heads up for the Mini Maker Faire being held from
10 to 5 on the Georgia Tech Campus on Saturday, Oct. 6th.


Looks like the event organizers are doing a thorough job
and have handled all the necessary arrangements for parking,
amenities and such.

They are still welcoming and accepting participant applications
and I have been assured you can ignore the Sept. 9 deadline
notice, though you may or may not get space at this point.
You should act ASAP if you are interested in showing off
your maker talents.  Offers for support volunteer work are
also welcome.

It's looking like I will be there with about 40 Young Friends
from my Southern Appalachian youth group - we're hosting
a retreat in Atlanta that weekend and visiting the Mini Maker
Faire seemed like a good idea to the kids doing the retreat
planning.  Should be good fun for all ...and it means I get
to attend! :-)

If you have questions not answered by their web site, our
contact is:
 	 David Sluder <atlminimakerfaire at gmail.com>

in peace
ALE Event Coordinator (etc)