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[ale] Weird keyboard behavior

On 09/10/2012 11:20 AM, Scott Castaline wrote:
> Today my keyboard started doing weird things. When I go to log-in to
> sites on Firefox using my password manager (KeePassX) the hot-key for
> entering user-id & password is ctrl + v, when I did that it launched a
> spreadsheet that I have a desktop icon for. When I tried again it just
> kept on maximizing that spreadsheet window. I closed all apps and did
> the Bill Gates maneuver, with no change. I then removed KeePassX and
> re-installed it. Also I had deleted the icon for that particular
> spreadsheet.

You issue may be completely different, but ......

I've had a similar issue, but not specific to KeePassX, which I use. KeePassX is
impacted sometimes.

I've traced it back to the keyboard having faults or different stuck keys.  The
cntl, alt, shift keys get stuck sometimes though they don't seem engaged. A
cleaning fixes it. In the short term, I hit each of those keys alone - that
seems to release them.

Additionally, I use a dual-PS2-to-USB hardware device too. It connects a
PS2-mouse and PS2-keyboard through a USB port. About every 5 minutes, that
device performs a reset ... the little USB port lite blinks.  During that short
time, no keyboard events are sent through to the PC.  It is happening more often
as the converter device is getting older.  A reseat of the USB port usually
corrects the issue when it becomes bothersome.