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[ale] A question for the python gurus

I used to work in a shop that was mainly managed by mainframe types.   Even though we were running UNIX they continued to talk at us about "job abends" "DASD" and other terms from their world trying to make them fit Open Systems.

Ultimately I believe that project failed its initial intent because those Management types who were tasked with creating an Open Systems version of an earlier Mainframe product insisted on requiring a mainframe for a major processing piece so it was a 3 tier solution.   I can just hear the prospective clients now:
"So we should dump our current mainframe only solution in order to buy a solution that requires UNIX servers, Windows workstations AND ANOTHER MAINFRAME?"

I wonder if it is a coincidence that the abbreviation for MainFrame is MF...?

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Wooo, the word "abend" in an English sentence...

<Ben Kenobi voice>
"Now that's a word I haven't heard in a long long time."
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Ah, the memories...  Or scarcities thereof...


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> After examining the script, that might even workee.  But it looks like
> the real trouble is that the script is expecting an email message with
> headers (like, "Date:", "From:", "Subject:", and "Message-ID:" on
> stdin. Looks like it parses out those headers and does some Stuff with
> the message.  No headers -> no strings -> uninitialized variable ->
> abend.  Your message is what I get if I simply run the script from the
> command line.  If I create a test message:
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