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[ale] OnLine UPS reviews/recommendations?


I'm looking to replace my 5-10 year old UPSes with some new equipment,
and upgrading to rack-mount solutions.  I want Online UPSes (AC-DC-AC)
so that it will always provide a pure sine wave to my equipment and
completely isolate me from my source power.  My current UPSes are
1200VA/720W systems (I have two of them).

Right now I'm still doing research, but wondering if anyone here has any
suggestions, recommendations, gotchas, etc?

I'm considering something like the 3kVA 2.5kW tripp-lite (SU3000RTXL2U)
which should be able to completely replace my existing UPSes in terms of
power; I would just need to provide appropriate battery for the
wonderful Sandy Springs power outages.  Does anyone have any experience
with this make/model?

I'm also considering building my own external battery pack instead of
buying something like the BP72V28RT3U.  Assuming I do go with the
Tripp-lite, does anyone know where I might be able to source an
OmniPoint3 plug or find out the wiring specifications of the plug?


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