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[ale] GnuCash (Was: Re: [OT] Home PBX?)

On 08/01/2012 08:30 AM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> The funny thing is that although it apparently takes intelligence to
> ?get? accounting is that at the same time accounting becomes very
> routine and boring to those of us who do ?get? it which is why I made
> the move into IT long ago.

I _could_ do it on paper if I wanted to.  I took a few accounting
classes, though I am sure that I'd have to look some things up again.
In fact, I do, because I've found that I'm not recording everything in
the best manner possible, but that's easy enough for me to fix.

What I truly want to do is have the accounting system mostly be
self-maintaining.  GC brings me awfully close to that, IMHO, but I know
at least two or three people that when they see GC they run.  :-)

Abstraction is the key!

	--- Mike

A man who reasons deliberately, manages it better after studying Logic
than he could before, if he is sincere about it and has common sense.
                                   --- Carveth Read, ?Logic?

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