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[ale] [OT] Passing along a good deal on SD/Micro SD cards

On 04/27/2012 11:59 AM, arxaaron wrote:
> The +$X.XX shipping noted on the item pages is PER ITEM.
> I figured to get a few of these but bailed when I saw a $20
> shipping charge for about 1.5 oz. in products.

Yeah, that's insanity.  What do they do, ship them each in their own box?

I could understand computing shipping on weight, or a flat fee plus 5?
each item or something as a way of recouping costs of "picking", but
that's insane.

	--- Mike

A man who reasons deliberately, manages it better after studying Logic
than he could before, if he is sincere about it and has common sense.
                                   --- Carveth Read, ?Logic?

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