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[ale] How do people deal with RHEL?

On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 14:57 -0400, Jim Kinney wrote:
> So you want it done your way and don't understand why RedHat could
> possible put out a distro without package "foo" in it since _you_ use
> it but didn't until 5 years after the version you run was released.
> And you don't want the hassle of actually having to do something to
> get it installed.
> I bet you bitch about "guberment taking over" too.
> As a distribution is a collection of packages that are supposed to
> work together, a package not in that collection simply means you have
> to deal with it. ntop is not a commonly used tool according the the
> people who made the decision at RedHat to leave it out. Is it useful?
> To you, yes. So now you know that most other RHEL admins don't use it.
> If they did, it would be part of RHEL5 (it isn't)  or RHEL6 (it still
> isn't in it). But some people do use it and made it work for you if
> you use the EPEL repository. It's still NOT available for RHEL4 as
> most every admin is running away from it. The non-security changes in
> nearly everything since then are worth the effort to migrate.
> http://www.apple.com may have the happy place solution for you.
> <total snark mode>
> It must truly suck to be in your situation. Stuck with a bazillion
> year old distro and incapable of upgrading and then no one on ALE
> gives a crap enough to provide FREE help and suggestions because what
> you really want is for someone to compile it for you and hand you an
> rpm to install. My advice: STAY AWAY FROM GENTOO!!! 
> and you probably won't like slackware either
> To paraphrase an idiot who keeps getting media coverage "Admin up".
> Several other people have jumped in your feces since I started writing
> this reply and they have let you know clearly that your tone in your
> responses was pretty nasty. So I'm just going to tell you this: go
> back and reread this thread from start to finish and pay careful
> attention to the tone of voice you use in your replies. Communication
> skills are usually pretty crappy in the geek realms and everyone could
> benefit from some better writing skills. Try writing poetry for a
> while.

I once to an ALE mailing list made a post

it was the best ever, if I may boast!

All members reading my clever insights and views.

Suddenly I am told I have a short fuse!

Is that any good?

/me is trying.

damon at damtek.com