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[ale] Mount a remote NTFS partition

Alas...I spoke too soon...Hotel California is no longer stuck in my head
and the "solution" for 
the Ubuntu box no longer works.  (Funny...it was working last night!) 

[Rich scratches head...]

Searches of the Ubuntu forum found how to do it with smbfs and how to
edit fstab but with 
passwords in plain text.  (I read the whole thing shaking my head
wondering "why?")  That 
was a long shot but will return to working on a cifs solution to
persistently mount the remote
NTFS share on 9.10.

For anyone who's interested, here's what I'm trying to do...all new to

Mount \\Studio\Production to ~/Studio so that my wife (the user) can
easily access data on 
her production system and allow gFTP to easily see the Production share
on a remote XP box
as a local resource on Ubuntu.  (XP only lives in this posting because
of the h/w used...it requires
M$ drivers for a broadcast audio card -- no Linux equivalent available
due to the DSP.)  It would
be good for her to be able to write data back to the NTFS share.  (Keep
in mind that I'm keeping 
the Window$ box offline thus don't want to do FTP from there...)

Here's the command I've used to attach the share:

mount -t cifs //ip-addr-of-pc/Production /home/username/Studio -o

This mounts the drive alright but it isn't persistent.  Last night I
thought I had it but this morning it's a 
different story.

So far I've found that Ubuntu doesn't understand how to resolve the
Window$ box by NetBIOS name 
but Samba is running fine and resolves the workgroup and host machines
on the workgroup as well 
as their shares.  Ubuntu does resolve by IP just fine.  (I suspect this
is due to mappings that would be
analogous to a host file in M$ or a service that needs to be
installed/configured but am too new in this 
regard to *NIX to be sure...) 

More fun & games!  


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Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day

Arrgh.......  : )

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Richard Faulkner wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded to this thread.  Special thanks to Michael 
> Warfield!!  CIFS did the trick and I have everything running the way it 
> needs to run.  My wife's FTP client sees the share properly and she can 
> find it where it needs to be in the fs.  A great learning curve item for 
> one coming from M$ to *NIX.  So much further to go...but at least I have 
> no plans of going back!  : )

You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!

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