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[ale] rsync exclude list

 ok, so just in case my HD decides to get too hot & crashes, I decided to take 
 my OLD dell desktop & make a copy of my current setup, with logins for me & 
 Debian Lenny. No big deal, got it setup, setup openssh-server, ran rsync.. 
 oops, I don't have near enough space on old driver, so I need to EXCLUDE some 
 STUFF.. I have a folder under Documents called software. Here is my rsync 
 rsync -varpltzo --exclude-from=/home/pbc/bin/dontrsync /home/pbc/Documents/
 heres the /home/pbc/bin/dontrsync file:

I've also tried:

rsync -varpltzo --exclude=/home/pbc/Documents/software/* /home/pbc/Documents/

 it still copies software.. what am I doing wrong...

Paul Cartwright
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