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[ale] PC shut off

On 06/29/2010 06:08:11 AM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> I'm still trying to figure out what happened. It doesn't look like
> there was a 
> power outage ( no blinking alarm clocks ). My wife got up at 4am, and
> the 
> computer was not on. My log shows nothing in the APC_events file,
> except the 
> computer starting back up.
> syslog.0 shows:
> Jun 28 22:20:50 paulandcilla last message repeated 8 times
> Jun 29 04:07:41 paulandcilla syslogd 1.5.0#5: restart.
> Jun 29 04:07:41 paulandcilla kernel: klogd 1.5.0#5, log source =
> /proc/kmsg 
> started.
> that 22:20 message is an email host mismatch error.. so it was
> receiving 
> email, then... my wife hits the POWER switch at 4:07, to turn it back
> on. I 
> have an APC UPS attached, that will shut it down in case of power
> outage, 
> then UPS is on, and I'm not sure why the PC was off....
I have had challenges with one UPS when the battery got old. Replaced 
the battery and things were all better (well - until the power supply 
got jealous and retired itself, but that was a different problem.)