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[ale] Good think clients to use for house automation/kids/tv

Tablets are all the rage, and a very sensible form factor for a
"remote control". You might consider developing a web interface to the
home automation server. That would allow any computer, phone*, or
tablet device to be used as a client. I would highly suggest using the
iPhone/iPad specific CSS & JS libraries. They look great, feel more
like an app than a web page, and are standards compliant. Then you can
also ride the iPad buzz while you are at it.

On 6/25/10, jrtroberts <jrtroberts at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am working with a friend of mine to slowly get his house setup for
> home automation.  He is trying to get his house setup as a demo house
> for home automation packages, an entrepreneurial business he owns.  He
> is not the most tech savvy guy I have ever met, but he has some money
> and a strong desire to make this work.  I was hoping that someone at ALE
> has had some experience with thin clients and home automation with linux.
> He has two daughters in grade school and would like them to have thin
> clients in their rooms.  He would also like to have streaming video to
> his TV's and possibly some other thin clients for things such as
> security management, lighting control, sprinkler control, and anything
> else he can roll into the home automation package.  I am aware that he
> may not need thin clients for all of this, but I would still like to
> understand my options.
> His primary system is an Ubuntu 9.10x64 desktop system.  Because issues
> with the mobo and 10.04 we cannot upgrade until drivers and other issues
> are figured out on the linux side.  It is a core2 quad with 8 gigs of
> ram, 2 gig nics, and plenty of storage capacity.  I am hoping that
> setting up roaming user accounts and terminal services is a fairly
> straight forward task.  Whether it is or not, I could use some input on
> this subject as well.
> The more important issue is pricing or building the thin clients.  Is
> there a good company to look into when buying thin clients for this type
> of environment.  I am very inexperienced with this type of hardware and
> generally inexperienced with linux as whole.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks for your time.
> Joshua Roberts
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